Your previous orders

previous orders

Previous orders screen

The Reading Room Orders section of your account automatically keeps a list of all the documents you have ever ordered, which is displayed on the screen above. 

This means that if you want to see something you have seen before, you can find it in this screen and order it without having to find it again on the catalogue.

This screen also shows your current and pending orders.

Click on The Reading Room Orders button from your home account screen to see your previous orders.  You will see a list of your documents  like the screen on the right.

Find a document

Above the list is a toolbar that allows you to filter and sort the list to find the document you want.

  1. Filter the list by date range by entering a from date and to date in the first two boxes at the top
  2. Filter the list by status by selecting either Past (for old orders), Future (for orders yet to come) or Current (for the order currently in progress
  3. To apply the filter, click the filter    icon
  4. To remove the filter and display all orders, click the remove filter   icon
  5. Print the list by clicking the print    icon
  6. Export the list by clicking the export   icon
  7. The list is displayed in groups of 10 orders at a time. View a specific page by selecting it in the page-number dropdown to the top right.

Column headers

Order Reference

This is an automatically generated unique reference created when you placed your order.

Order date

This is the date that you placed your order.


This shows any images that are attached to the record; it could even be a low resolution image of the record itself.


This shows details about each individual document.  The title of the document is shown in bolder text and the reference number is shown underneath that.  The (barcode: number) refers to the container in which the document is kept and is there to help the staff find it for you.  To the right of each item is an icon indicating the stage in the production process which your order has reached.

The possible stages are:

Remove icon  Cancel.    You will see this only for current or future orders.  This means that no action has been yet been taken on your order by staff at The Keep and you can still cancel the ordered document by clicking on the Cancel icon.

 Item in Transit.     This means that a member of The Keep staff has gone to get your document from the store and is currently bringing it to the Production Room behind the Reading Room desk for you to collect. You can no longer cancel the order

 Item in Production.    This means that your document has or had been collected from the store and was/is ready for you collect at the Reading Room desk

 Item Issued.   This means that your document has/had been issued to you.

 Item Returned.   This means that you have seen your document and returned it to the Reading Room desk

  Not seen.   This means that you ordered the item and it was brought to the Production Room at The Keep but that you did not actually have it issued to you.


Changing the date of your booked session

Session date

This shows the date of the session that you booked to see the documents.  If the session is in the future, you will be able to change the date.  Simply click the change link.  This will present you with a list of dates to choose.

Choose the date you require and click Update Order

The final column shows information depending on whether the order is in the past, present or future. 

Past:  This column will show expired meaning that no more actions can be taken on this order.

Present:  This will show either:

  1. Items actioned if your documents are in the course of being moved to The Keep production room ready for you to collect.
  2. Cancel Session  Press the button to cancel both your session and all the documents in your session.  You will lose your place in the reading room for this day.

Future:  This will show Cancel Session  Press the button to cancel both your session and all the documents in your session.  You will lose your place in the Reading Room for this day.

Add a document to a booked session

You can quickly add an order to a session by pressing the   sign.  If you have ordered 3 documents you will not be able to add another until you have seen one of your original 3 orders.

Add to order pop up

Add a document to a booked session

When you push the  button you will see the screen shown on the right:

Select from Wishlist

Here you can select any item from your Wishlist to order for your current session.  Simply click on the drop down-box and push Update Order.

Enter reference number

If you want to order an item that isn’t in your Wishlist but you know its reference number, you can enter the reference in the box provided.  As you type the reference number the system performs a live search of the catalogue. Select the correct reference from the list and click Update order.

NB:  This feature requires the exact reference number to be entered including any spaces or /slashes.  If the reference number doesn’t match the reference number of the document precisely it will not be found.  For East Sussex Record Office records you may have difficulty entering the correct reference number because  this field doesn’t search the ESRO reference but rather the one used to construct the hierarchy or tree.

Return to Search

If you do not know the reference of the document you want to find you can click Return to Search to return to the catalogue to find a document.

It will take The Keep staff up to 30 minutes to prepare your documents to be ready for you in the Reading Room.

This Add to current session feature gives you a quick way to order documents while you are in the Reading Room at The Teep.  You can prepare a long list of documents you want to see during your visit, and then quickly order your next document from your Wishlist as you return documents to the Reading Room issue desk.