Your messages

You can send messages about your orders and any other additional requirements to the Keep staff from your Account Control Panel.  Simply click the Your messages button in the Account Control Panel page.

The Messages listing shows a tabulated list of conversations with the Keep staff. The latest message in the conversation will appear in the message column. To read the entire thread, click the magnify icon .

To create a new conversation click the New button just above the message window.


Fill out the subject and message and press the Submit button. The Keep will receive the message and we will send a reply as soon as we can.


If you have provided an email address in your profile, you will receive not only a copy of the message to your inbox with the subject: “Your message to The Keep has been sent” but also a notification email when a member of staff replies to your message (this time with the subject: You have received a new message from The Keep).

A notification will also appear on your control panel:


A closed envelope in the message-listing denotes a thread with an unread message.

To read the latest message in a conversation, click the icon. Once all the messages in a conversation thread have been read, the conversation will appear with an open envelope icon in the messageslisting.