Saved searches help

Any searches that you make on the Catalogue can be saved for later use.  This may be useful if you have filtered a list of search results and want to look at them again at a later date.

In the following example I have searched for Brighton windmills:

Search save1

This search has produced a lot of results so I look along the left hand side to see if there is any way I can use the filters to narrow down the results.

I see that under the subject filter there are 39 results that are topographical prints.  I select this and the results are filtered:

search result filter

I would like to browse these thumbnails to see if there are any pictures that I want to see but I don’t have time now.  I click Save Search as indicated above.
I am then prompted to name my search:

save search name

Give your search a name that you you will recognise and click Save.

You can then visit your Saved searches page at any point in the future and continue you research where you left off.  Simply click My Searches on the bottom left corner of any page of The Keep website.

My searches

You will see a list of all your saved searches

your searches

Simply click Run Search to run the filtered search again.

You can press the Rename button to rename your search.

You can delete saved search from the list by clicking the checkbox next to any saved search and then clicking the Delete Search(s) button.