Currently active session

current session

On the day of your seat booking a window entitled Your Currently Active Session box will appear at the top of your home screen when you are logged in to The Keep website.

This box shows you everything you have ordered for the current session and also, on the right hand side, the order status of each document.

The possible statuses are:

Remove icon
This means that the staff at The Keep have not yet taken any action on your order, so you can still cancel the order by clicking on the cancel icon.
 In Transit
This means that a member of The Keep staff has gone to get your document from the store and is currently bringing it to the Production Room behind the Reading Room desk for you to collect.  You can no longer cancel the order. 

In Production
This means that your document has been collected from the store and is now ready to at the Reading Room desk for you to collect.


This means that your document has been issued to you.

This means that you have seen your document and returned it to the Reading Room desk.

Underneath your displayed orders you see a green plus sign.  The text to the left of this sign explains that you can click this plus sign to add more orders to your current session.  

If you have ordered 3 documents you will not be able to add any more to your current session until you have issued and returned one of your outstanding orders.

When you push the green plus button you will see the following screen: 

 Add to order pop up

In this screen you can select any item from your Wishlist to order for your current session.  Simply click on the drop down box and the item will be added to your current session. 

If you want to order an item that isn’t in your Wishlist but you know its reference number, you can enter the reference in the box provided. As you type the system performs a live search of the catalogue to find your reference. Select the reference from the list and click Update order. Your document will then be added to your current session.

This feature requires the exact reference number to be entered including any spaces or /.  If the reference number doesn’t match the reference number of the document precisely it will not be found.  For East Sussex Record Office records you may have difficulty entering the correct reference number because at the moment this field doesn’t search the ESRO reference.  For more information about reference numbers used at The Keep please click here.

If you don’t know the reference of the document you want to find you can click Return to search to return to the catalogue to find it.

It will take The Keep staff up to 30 minutes to prepare your documents to be available for you in the Reading Room.

This add to current session feature gives you a quick way to order documents while you are in the Reading Room at The Keep.  You can prepare a long list of documents you want to see during your visit, and then quickly order your next document from your Wishlist as you return documents to the Reading Room issue desk.

At the bottom of the Currently active session screen there is a ticker showing you how much time there is left before The Keep closes for the day.  You can also see how long you have left to order documents.  Document ordering for the same day ends an hour before The Keep closes.