Ordering in advance

You can order documents up to six weeks before you arrive at The Keep.  You can also order documents on the day of your visit.  These instructions assume that you have successfully found some documents on our catalogues that you are ready to order.  For further guidance on how to search for documents using our online catalogue, please click here.

There are two ways to order documents – directly from within a record details view on the public catalogue, or from your Wishlist.  For more information about using your Wishlist please click here.

Ordering from the record details view

The record details view for an item looks like this (you must be logged-in to order in advance)

Record view

For more details on how to use the record view click here.

To order this item press the orange View at The Keep tab.  The screen will now look like this:

Record view2

Click the Order in advance button.

This will take you through to the Advance Order Form where you can choose the date of your visit and find out if your documents are available.

Ordering from your wishlist

If you know you want to see several documents you can order up to 3 at once from your Wishlist.

This is an example of a Wishlist with items on it that can be ordered…

wishlist for ordering

To begin the order process for these items, check the tick boxes for the items and press the Order in advance button as indicated above.

This will take you through to the Advance Order Form…

Advance Order Form

order in advance

There is a simple 3 step process to ordering your documents:

1) Review the items you wish to view at The Keep

This is where you can review the items you want to see.  You can remove any one of the documents from the order by clicking the Remove button next to any of the orders.  (Removed documents are put back into your Wishlist.) You can order up to 3 items at once.  If you have added more than 3 documents to the Advance Order Form, you will need to remove some of the documents until you have 3 remaining.

2) Select when you would like to come to The Keep

This is where you can select a day to come to The Keep to view your documents.

The date in the box determines which 6 days appear from which you can choose the day of your visit.  It defaults to the current date.  To choose a date further in the future, select a different date by clicking inside the box and selecting a new date.  To choose the day you want to visit, simply click in the check box underneath the desired date.  The system will then see whether your documents are available the day you have chosen.

Order in advance 2

These 3 items are available on the selected day…

smiley faces

When you see a smiley face, the item is available to order for that day.

If an item is not available for that day, then you will see a sad face:

Not available

If a document isn’t available you will need to select another day to see it.

3) Place your order

You can place your order once you have a smiley face for every document.  Scroll down and press the Place your Order button.

place your order

If you would like more information about your order, you can also leave a message for The Keep staff.  You can’t use this message to order more documents; this must be done using the order process explained above.

After clicking Place your Order you will see the order confirmation screen:

Order confirmation

If you have registered with an email address you will also receive an email confirming your order.

That’s all there is to it!