Signing in

You can sign into your account on the website in a number of ways:

From any webpage by clicking the Sign in to your account link on the top right
From any list of search results
From any record view in the catalogue
Visiting to go straight to your control panel

Clicking any sign in link will make a login window appear.


Enter your Reader-ID/email address and password, then press the Sign In Now button.

Failing to Sign in

If you fail to sign in 5 times, you will have to wait 5 minutes before you can try again.

Resetting your password

If you have an email address stored in your profile, you can reset your password as follows:

On the login form, click the Lost Password link.


The lost password form provides two methods of resetting your password:


  • By Reader ID: Enter your Reader ID. This will be the 10 digit alpha-numeric id on your Reader Card
  • by Email: Enter the email address that you have stored in your profile

Enter one or other of the above and press the Submit button. A reset code will be emailed to you.  The email will look something like this:

Dear Mark (reader: MTWO000617),

Your temporary password for access to the The Keep is: JQ7AN

You will be prompted to change this when you login.

Web Site Administrator

Note that if you can remember neither your Reader ID nor your registered email address (or you have no email address stored in your profile), you cannot reset your password online. Instead, you will need to visit or telephone The Keep and request a password-reset from a member of staff. The member of staff will issue you with a temporary 5 character password which you can then use with your Reader-ID to login.

This is a single use code –  as soon as you use it, you will be asked to change your password.